Summer loving…

So we have been extremely busy and I’ve been neglectful. As the dominate in the relationship you have to take ownership of neglecting your pet. While their job is to serve and obey- the system of punishment and reward that has been set up is you’re job to enforce. 

In other words life has caused me to be a lazy bitch haha. Which is something I intend to rectify. 

Something he’s been talking a lot about lately is actively pursing another threesome or couple. Now we have had threesome in the past, but those of you who have had them know how hard it is to find the right person. 

He has expressed interest in having someone fuck his ass. I’m on the fence. I will admit the idea of him on all fours while someone pounds his ass. Him looking me in the eyes. He is very turned on by anal. My reservation comes from not wanting to share my toys. 

We try and be very open to what the other person wants to try so I’m hesitant to give a firm no. 

I’m mulling it over. 

For now… he can make me breakfast. 


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