On Mondays we spank

The chore list was not completed, and he only managed to send two pictures which I will attach. I’m trying to think of a creative punishment. 

There are the usual things: 

– I could make him put in the large butt plug and spank him (because he such a slut he will be turned on by this but not allowed to cum.)

– I could make him watch me with my vibrator and not let him Jack off or help me cum. He’d be sent to bed afterward frustrated. 

– I could put him in his chastity cage and just watch him suffer for a week or so. 

I’m trying to think of something a little more creative because he apparently thought the list was optional. Maybe he will just spend the evening going down on me and not cumming… not terribly creative but I’ll enjoy myself. 

**Pretty good for a picture of his own ass**


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