While the Dom is away…the bitch has chores

Despite the fact that it is a beautiful Friday I have to work. He had taken the afternoon off, but that definitely does not mean that he’s free to do whatever he wants. The sexy play can continue on even when we are not together. 

So what I’ve decided is that he should have five chores and five solo sexual activities. Of course he is expected to provide photographic proof. The chores are as follows:

1. The clean laundry needs to be folded and put away. This is to be done while he has the medium butt plug in his ass. 

2. The upstairs needs to be vacuumed. He should be wearing the nipple clamps (tightly) while doing so. 

3. The living room is be be cleaned and vacuumed in just his lacy panties and silk robe. After this is completed he needs to send me a picture of him deep throating my purple vibrator. 

4. The carpet under the dining room table is to be vacuumed. This should be done while porn is playing (he does not have permission to jerk off.) 

5. My bed is to be made with the clean blankets I washed this morning. After this he can jerk off but has to ruin it. 

Of course they’ll will be a punishment if any of these things are not done, and there’s the benefit of new pictures for the blog. 



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