Puppy bed 

I’m sure in a lot of vanilla relationships it’s very common for the partners to share a bed. At the end of a long, hard day maybe the couple comes home and makes dinner- then fucks and falls asleep beside each other in bed. 

It is very seldom that my husband is allowed to sleep in the bed next to me. We share a room, but he sleeps on what is essentially the human version of a dog bed (of sorts.)

Part of the domination and submission play that we do is puppy play. Not in the sense that either of us are into animals, but more that he is my pet- he’s not allowed on the furniture unless he asks, he sleeps in a bed below mine, and it’s understood that he’ll obey on command. 

Part of him sleeping beneath me is to keep him in his place even during non sexy times. 

He’s to sleep completely naked- number one because I think he’s sexy and like to see him naked but also because I want him to feel like he should be ready to pleasure me at a moments notice. I think I also like the vulnerability of him being naked waiting to serve. 


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